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Meet Sara Collinsgru,

LCSW, RYT- 200


Hi, I'm Sara, owner and founder of Luna Vita Wellness. I created Luna Vita Wellness following my 10 year career as a clinical social worker. While in that career, I found that workplace self care was not often discussed or practiced, quickly leading to employee burn out and low morale. I was inspired to create this business in order to help individuals, employees, teams, and businesses thrive in the area of self care and wellness for overall success and greater mental health.


Over the past decade, I earned my bachelors degree in social work at Widener University and my masters in social work at New York University, and have worked in various mental health settings, such as residential treatment facilities, schools, and universities. I began my yoga journey in 2008 as a sophomore in college when I took yoga as a required gym class. This sparked my interest and resulted in a regular yoga practice where I experimented with many different styles of yoga. This showed me that yoga is much, much more than a gym class. Since then, I have completed a 200-hour Hatha yoga course, bringing peace to the mind and body.


I am passionate about incorporating yoga techniques within the therapeutic setting to heal anxiety, depression, trauma, body image struggles, mental illness, and more. I believe in merging the fundamentals of yoga with psychotherapy in order to help my clients gain the mind-body-soul connection for overall mental well-being. When taking one of my classes, you will experience a blend of gentle physical practice, internal focus, and an invitation to be mindfully present.



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