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Using a trauma-informed and strengths-based approach,

Luna Vita Wellness provides individual psychotherapy specializing in pre teens, teens, and adults. Luna Vita Wellness utilizes techniques from DBT, CBT, and yoga philosophy to work collaboratively to find ways for you to grow, improve coping techniques, strengthen relationships with others and yourself, and accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.


Due to COVID19 pandemic, Luna Vita Wellness is offering telemental health appointments only through secure video software. Read more below about telemental health.


Luna Vita Wellness offers group yoga sessions for your school, team, employees, businesses, and organizations focusing on team work, self care, and overall wellness. Each offering is tailored to your specific group's need.

Contact Luna Vita Wellness for a free consultation.  

W O R K S H O P S +


Luna Vita Wellness offers workshops + retreats for self care, team development, and much more. Luna Vita Wellness will create a workshop based around your need. Contact us for a consultation or click here to visit our pre-established

workshops + retreats. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your therapeutic style? 

A. We offer speciality care working with pre-teens and teens using evidenced based therapy techniques, mindfulness and yoga to help meet your individual and family goals. We provide a warm, comforting environment and believe that building the therapeutic rapport as the most valuable part of the the therapeutic process. 

Q: Does Luna Vita Wellness take insurance? 

A: Yes. Luna Vita Wellness now takes insurance! Luna Vita Wellness accepts: 

  • AmeriHealth

  • BlueCross and BlueShield

  • Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield

  • Magellan

  • Medicare

  • UnitedHealthcare

  • Out of Network

Q: Will my insurance company cover my entire session? 

A: Each insurance plan is different and the mental health plan benefits are different. The best way to find out what is covered under your plan is to call the mental health number on the back of your insurance card. 

Q: What is telemental health therapy? 

A: Telemental health is the practice of delivering clinical health care services via technology assisted media (video or phone) or other electronic means between a practitioner and a client who are located in two different locations. Treatment is considered to take place where the client is. With telemental health, social workers must make sure they are practicing legally and ethically; following state licensure regulations; and adhering to state and federal practice guidelines and payer contract agreements. (National Association of Social Workers: 2020) 

Q: I don't know how I feel about telemental health and would prefer in office therapy. What are the benefits of telemental health? 

A: I can understand that telemental health feels weird at first since most therapy sessions happen in person. However, in my experience telemental health has benefits, such as accessibility, flexibility, and less exposure to others during the pandemic. I have found that through telemental health clients are still able to build a therapeutic bond with their therapist, process trauma, set and accomplish goals, and maintain a trusting therapeutic relationship just as they would in the office setting. The downside of telemental health is sometimes there are poor connection issues with the internet on either end, however this can teach us flexibility and patience! 

Q: What are the benefits of private yoga sessions? 

A: Private yoga can benefit someone who may feel intimidated going to a yoga studio or may benefit someone who wants a more tailored, one-on-one yoga experience. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and yoga teacher, Luna Vita Wellness is able to bring in therapeutic coping techniques during yoga sessions. All yoga classes, whether they are private or in the studio, are taught from a trauma informed place accepting of all races, religions, genders, sexualities, and backgrounds. 

Q: What type of workshops/retreats/staff development does Luna Vita Wellness offer? 

A: Luna Vita Wellness offers group yoga for employees, sports teams, and organizations. Luna vita Wellness also offers self-care themed workshops, retreats, and trainings on how to incorporate well being into your team, organization, or within your school system. Luna Vita Wellness can tailor a workshop to the needs of your organization. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions! 

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